Hasta La Vista, Baby - Photo By John Biehler

It doesn’t really come as a big surprise, but Gordon Campbell just stepped down as the premier of British Columbia. Between his handling of the Olympics and the controversy surrounding the harmonized sales tax (HST), a tax he promised not to introduce prior to getting elected, it’s no wonder most people are completely dissatisfied with his performance.

I suspect the liberal party were hoping that Campbell’s announcement of a 15% income tax reduction starting in 2011 would offset the disappointment with the HST, but after his lacklustre televised address the other day, it was probably clear his ratings weren’t going to go up anytime soon. So, I’m guessing he was pushed out in hopes that the liberal party may have a small chance during the next election.

I’m personally thankful that this represents an opportunity to get some fresh blood into BC’s leadership. Given Gordon Campbell’s recent performance and some of the scandals his administration has allegedly been involved in, I’m personally glad to see him go.

How about you?

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