Last modified on October 15th, 2006

Who hoo — it’s official: I’m graduating next month from UBC. Even though I did my thesis defense in the summer, there was still some red tape to jump through with regards to having all the correct paperwork in order. I was working the phones a bit last week trying to get everyone to agree that I was allowed to graduate in the November ceremony. What made it hard for me is that you have to return your keys to the UBC security office before your grades are released to the graduate committee. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen my keys in several eons, and the procedure in this event isn’t clearly defined. So even though I got everyone to agree that yes, the keys were in fact *lost*, nobody knew what to do after that. So thankfully, someone figured it out, because on my UBC home page, it now says:

Congregation November, 2006 Application Status Graduation Approved
Ceremony November 22, 2006 at 1:30 PM Procession # 0102

Which means yes, I will be finally getting my degree. My mom and dad are coming out from Chilliwack to see me stumble across the stage once again — although this time I get to wear the “cool” hat. There’s a live webcast of the event, so I’ll put the link to that here the night before it happens.

**update — it’s actually not a cooler hat, it’s a cooler hood I think

5 responses to “Graduation”

  1. Tom says:

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Buddy.

  2. Hesty says:

    Congrats Buddy. You’re my hero 🙂

  3. Clay says:

    Woot! Congrats again!

  4. Rosie says:


  5. tiffany says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DOOOOOD!!! there will be some drinks in order, fo sho! 😉

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