Gym: Week 2

Last modified on June 12th, 2009

So this was my second full week at the gym. Other than Wednesday (where I missed going because I had to go to Vancouver), I was there every day this week. I’m definitely noticing an improvement in fitness, since my heart rate has come down while doing cardio, and I find it harder to get out of breath when I’m whacking a tennis ball around the court. I’ve been doing my normal routines in the morning, and also trying to get out and do something in the evenings as well (either go for a walk, hit some tennis balls, or rollerblade).

I generally eat fairly well when I’m at home (depending on your definition of well I guess). I’m a pretty big low-carb advocate, mainly because I feel way better when I don’t eat a ton of carbs. I still splurge from time to time and eat a “normal” meal, or grab popcorn at the movies or whatever (more so now that I now I’m hitting the gym regularly), but a high carb meal usually makes me feel kind of crummy a few hours later, so I don’t do them too often.

I’m meeting with my surgeon on Monday in Vancouver, partially to give him a final glimpse after the two rounds of surgery I went through, and also because I want to get a mole out on my cheek. You could argue that it’s a beauty mark or whatever, but it’s right on the edge of where my beard grows, and lately I’ve been nicking it enough that it’s pissing me off. A normal shaving cut is sort of a pain, but a bleeding mole sometimes trickles for hours, and it’s no fun at all. So I’m probably going to schedule an appointment later this month or early July to finally have it removed. I briefly debated going to my GP and having it done, but GPs are sort of like the brick layers of surgery, and I really don’t want to trust anything on my face to one. So I’ll probably end up shelling out a few hundred bucks to get it done by the plastic surgeon who put my eye back in the right place (surprisingly, you can’t even really see any scars from those surgeries — all you can see is the faint outline of some scar tissue under the skin), but having a board certified plastic surgeon do it is a big weight off my mind.

Other than that, not too much else new. We’re about to launch another BraveNewCode website shortly, so I’m going to be putting in some weekend hours to try and shore it all up. I’ll post a bit more about that in a few days probably.

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