Halloween part II

Last modified on October 29th, 2006

Last night was Mel’s big halloween social down at the Marine Club. It was a great time, and everyone appeared to like the beer. Here’s a link the some of Mel’s photos from the night here. She also had a scary faces contest during the night. Here’s mine (photo by Mel):

A funny thing happened on the way home. I realized that being a national icon is hard work, and after a night of dancing, I thought the Statue of Liberty could use some poutine. So, I stopped by Fritz and ordered some food. While standing in line, I look over and Elvis Presley is calling my name. Him and and Marilyn Monroe both seemed to know who I was. Once I figured it out, I realized it was Bob and Candice who apparently also thought eating Poutine at 2:30am was a good idea. I was originally heading home, but before I knew it I was at their place having some wine and looking at old photos from university (Bob was my roommate in first and second year). It was really cool looking at some of these photos that I had never seen before.

Bob and Candice are getting married in Huatulco, Mexico in just a few weeks, but I haven’t hung out with both of them together for a few years. It was cool seeing them again.

One response to “Halloween part II”

  1. mel says:

    haha. I see evil. Pure evil!

    Thanks for coming out!! 🙂

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