Happy Canada Day

Last modified on July 1st, 2008

Whenever I think of Canada Day, I am always reminded of the few years I spent in Ottawa. Out there, Canada day is a day-long party, where they basically shut the downtown core down and let everyone mingle, get their face painted, and for those of you of legal drinking age, have a few street-side beer. At the end of the night there was always a big concert on Parliament Hill.

So by comparison, Canada Day in Vancouver is pretty tame. Last year I got together with some friends and had a few pints in various locations around the downtown core. This year, I don’t really have any plans, but will probably sneak out at some point and take a few photos.

For all of you heading out to enjoy some friends and partake in some events, have a great Canada Day. Happy Birthday Canada!

4 responses to “Happy Canada Day”

  1. Rebecca says:

    There’s fireworks in Chilliwack tonight 😉

  2. Sebrina says:

    I live in New Brunswick. Canada Day here is about as lame as you can get, haha. I have faith that next year I’ll be living somewhere where things livin’ up a little. Happy Canada Day, Duane 🙂

  3. Gregg says:

    I was in Cornwall for 6 months for work, and a bunch of us rented a van and drove to Ottawa for Canada Day. I’ll agree with you, once you’ve gone to that party, other celebrations are pretty lame.

    @Rebecca – Everyone here at work is soooo excited about the fireworks tonight; but I’m on the highway home as soon as the clock hits 6:00. I get enough of the Wack, flames in the sky are not enough to entice me to stay for more!

  4. Mostly Lisa says:

    i think i just missed most of Canada day sleeping till 2pm. prob head down to Kits beach and see if i can take some interesting shots or drunk morons.

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