Heading Out

Last modified on June 15th, 2008

Well, I’m sort of packed. Given that I no longer have a dryer at home, I was forced to dry most of my clothes out on the patio over night. Good news is that most of my clothes are completely dry. Bad news is some of them aren’t dry yet.

It’s a nice sunny day in the Bay Area today, so I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. In fact, today seems like a pretty warm day in Vancouver as well, so for all of you people hanging out at home, enjoy. I’m heading down to the airport right now.

**Update – First, big thanks to Dan for helping me get through the custom’s line in short order. That easily saved me a half-hour of waiting, so much appreciated Dan.

I’m sitting in the US departures area, eating what is probably the world’s worst egg mcmuffin. I almost fainted when I realized that the old US departures bar (where I actually sat next to Aaron Eckhart one time on my way down to San Francisco) had disappeared. I had a lot of good memories at that little pub, and used to always stop for a drink whenever I was passing by. The good news is that they simply moved it further down in the US area. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t open when I walked by, so I couldn’t have a father’s day beer in honour of my dad.

On that note:

Happy Father’s Day Dad

Today as everyone knows, is father’s day. Had I not been flying today I probably would have tried to meet my dad in Chilliwack for a quick beer. Unfortunately, I have a plane to catch. That said, my dad is not only my dad, but also one of my best friends. So here’s wishing him an awesome father’s day. I’ll try and call you later dad. I have to see if I can find a phone card down in the states though, but I’ll see what I can do. I might have to cave in and use Skype or something.

I’m meeting a few friends in San Francisco today, and they are all arriving at various times at the airport. I am the designated rental-car-idiot, so I have to basically sit around all day waiting to drive everyone around. I might take a quick drive down to Mountain View to drop my stuff off in the hotel before heading back to the airport. I think tonight we’ll go into San Francisco and have some seafood near the water somewhere, and then tomorrow I’ll be heading to Google. A few days from now I’ll be starting my vacation and heading to Los Angeles. Let the good times roll.

4 responses to “Heading Out”

  1. Sebrina says:

    You should invest in a hair dryer for times like these. Surprisingly, they work wonders for drying clothes in a hurry.

  2. Tom says:

    Very nice words buddy. Thank-you very much. Safe trip and Happy times to you. We’ll have that beer another day.:)

  3. Keira-Anne says:

    Awesome – I hope you have a great trip, D!

  4. zona says:

    no problem bud. anytime

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