With the economy still kind of in the toilet and Christmas just around the corner, many food banks are finding that their coffers just aren’t as full as they used to be. Recently in Chilliwack there was a big food bank drive to try and remedy some of that. While many people have the luxury of being able to afford a nice Christmas dinner at home with their families, not all of them do.

To that end, Dale and I have put together a Food Bank Drive where the proceeds will go towards the purchase of many non-perishable items that will hopefully make Christmas a bit brighter for a few families. For every dollar that is donated, Dale and I (aka BraveNewCode) will match the donation (up to $15 per person) for the next 20 days or so. Our goal is to help at least 100 families have a better Christmas this year, so if you have the means to help, then please do so.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit the Christmas Food Drive page on BraveNewCode. Also, if you can help by blogging or retweeting this, that would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

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