Here Comes The Sun

Last modified on March 17th, 2010

It won’t be much longer now until things start heating up around here. It seems like just a few days ago that Christmas was here (or possibly it only seems that way because my tree is still up). I for one am getting pretty excited about enjoying the sun again when it comes.

This summer I’m hoping to do quite a bit of camping and hiking. The campground reservation system for the lower mainland isn’t open yet, but I found out that the one in Tofino actually opened the other day. So I decided to whip out my credit card and book three days of camping on the Island in July. I’m going to probably take the whole week off and spend my time exploring Vancouver Island, and hopefully also visit a few friends. Years ago I camped in Goldstream Provincial Park near Victoria, and I thought it was pretty gorgeous. So I’m hoping to possibly spend another few nights there again this summer.

When I got back from Ontario I decided to put myself on a hardcore gym regimen again. For the most part I’ve been going five days a week since coming back. I’m actually starting to feel pretty energetic again, but the downside is I’m pretty sore on most days from my gym workouts. I’m trying to go Monday to Friday so I can take the weekends off and do all the things I like to do. So far, so good.

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