Last modified on December 22nd, 2007

Well, I made it. I am currently sitting on the couch back in Chilliwack, debating going to sleep, even though I just demolished a two liter of diet pepsi. I spent most of tonight just watching TV and the odd movie. Everyone around here went to bed hours ago, but I kept myself entertained with Saw and Wrath of Khan on TV.

I brought all my camera gear out here, but somehow left my cable at home. So for now, I won’t really be able to post any photos.. I’ll head out tomorrow when I wake up and try to grab a new one and snap a few photos from around Chilliwack. I have to do some shopping in the local mall as well, which should be fairly clusterfuck-like given that it’s the last Saturday before Christmas. Since this is a fairly small town and I knew most of the kids my age growing up, I’m bound to encounter a few people at the mall tomorrow.

I haven’t been back here in a few months, and in that time my dad and step-mom have redone what is sort of my bedroom back here — an upstairs loft with it’s own fireplace and hardwood flooring. It’s quite nice, and I sort of wish I would have brought my guitar back with me so I could mess around up there.

I’ll probably start doing the rounds in the afternoon as well, and head on over to see my mom and my sister for a while. Tomorrow night is still wide open, but I might just stay in and watch some more movies. Haven’t really thought that far ahead yet, and don’t really want to.

Only four more days until I can have a few beers. Can’t wait.