Hosting Experiment Part II

Last modified on May 29th, 2008

A while ago I did a quick and dirty hosting experiment with some of my readers. I actually need a bit more data, although what I’m after is a bit easier this time.

So, if you have a blog, all I ask is that you let me know the following:

  • The URL for your blog
  • The name of the hosting company that you’re on
  • If you like it or not

So please post a comment if you have some of that info, or send me an email if you don’t really want it public. If you know of any friends and where they are at, let me know too. Thanks!

11 responses to “Hosting Experiment Part II”

  1. Travis says:
    I really, really like them, and recommend them all the time.

  2. Andrea_R says:

    All my sites, including some clients, are on a VPS at futurehosting dot biz. (typed out so I don’t get stuck in spam. πŸ˜‰ ) They are owned by Softlayer.

    I’m hoping to move to dedicated at Server Beach next month. Ie; as soon as I get paid.

  3. Gregg says: <- Don’t bother visiting, work in progress <- My blog <- My wife’s blog
    Also hosted are various private things such as a family site.

    Hosted on HostMonster
    I know you used to be on HostMonster, and have no idea why you left, I assume maybe the shared hosting doesn’t work so well for high traffic sites like yours. However, I do like them for what we are doing; they were the best price, lots of space and bandwidth that is allowed to be shared across multiple domains, little downtime, and have responded to my few tickets quickly.


    All hosted on Mediatemple’s GS Grid hosting package. Although recently they were regularly having downtime due to a known problem with their storage system, this has now been addressed and I’m really impressed with the speed and service on offer.

  5. John Biehler says:

    1. (and a number of other sites)
    3. Yes I’m happy with them

  6. Dave Smith says:

    * The URL for your blog –
    * The name of the hosting company that you’re on – Server in my basement connected to my ISP: Teksavvy
    * If you like it or not – I do, it’s cheap πŸ˜€

  7. 1.
    3. They have had a ton of problems over the last couple months.

    The server that their blog is on even seems to be down at the moment.

    My webserver server is on shinobi. Email is on blingy. MySQL is on bugs. You can check the status updates for each server based on those names.

  8. Sean Hagen says:

    3. They’re pretty good, although I wish I had shell access, mostly because I’m not a fan of using FTP to upload all my stuff.

  9. skick says:

    2) Google’s blogspot
    3) Since I have a gmail account, picasa account, and use google reader… well, it is really convenient.

    Friends of mine who are more tech savvy than me also seem to like it since they can “call” things from… uh, Google I think. I am not really sure what the hell they are saying so I am probably misquoting them.

  10. Site(s):

    Hosting Co:

    I’ve been using site5 for around 9 years. They treat me well, but I would do well to upgrade to a ‘newer’ plan since I’m ‘grandfathered’ into something rather expensive for what it is. πŸ™‚ They have solid technical people, but limited services — no SVN, no arbitrary network services. Otherwise they are great. Remember that this is shared hosting, not VM based, therefore, I’m just a user account on a large UNIX box. From time to time, I have to remind them not to jail-shell me so my ssh/rsync publishing continues to work.

    I’d recommend them, based on my experiences, they are reliable and professional. Something that cannot be said for everyone in this space.

  11. Chris says:

    Here ya go:

    2) A Small Orange
    3) I’ve been quite happy with them as my host. Aside from some billing related issues (which were equally my fault as theirs), the service and support have been fantastic.

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