Hugs at Northern Voice

Last modified on February 24th, 2007

I’m sitting in room 1005 at the Forest Sciences Center at UBC, eagerly awaiting the “User Generated Content and Activist Campaigns” session to begin. Prior to this was the keynote address by Anil Dash, which gave some great insights into the importance of blogging, and a few allusions to where blogging may go in the future.

One of the most interesting part of this conference, for me at least, is a glimpse into the nature of bloggers. The other night at the social, Lee LeFever gave a presentation about his trip around the world, and one sentence that stands out in my mind from his presentation is that “lunatics don’t blog,” something that seems completely apparent walking the halls here at UBC. Never at a conference have I met such a jovial and social group of people, and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see just how many people greet each other with hugs instead of handshakes.

As evidenced by the number of people toting along luggage, today is the last day of the conference. Since this is my first Northern Voice conference, I can’t really comment on how this compares to the previous ones, but for me at least it’s been a very enjoyable experience and has reinforced in my mind just why it is that I continue to blog.

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