In The Wack

Last modified on May 3rd, 2009

The other day I had the crazy idea of starting a community driven site here in Chilliwack. I pinged a few people online about a possible name, and eventually settled on In the back of my mind, parts of the site would be similar to Urban Vancouver, while others would resemble a more traditional newspaper. I whipped something together real quick on Friday night after I got back home from Vancouver, and have been sort of passively playing with it.

I’ve spoken to the odd person on Twitter that has offered to write the odd article. First, is Alexander Patton, a local 20-year old Chilliwack resident who did some freelance photography for the Chilliwack Times in 2006, and also addresses issues on his local blog. Another writer is Tia Everitt, who has freelanced before, and will be writing the odd Chilliwack entry as well. So, I’m happy these two will be helping share some of the burden of writing some local content, and trust they’ll be able to add a unique perspective that I’m unable (due to age or ability) to associate with.

Thanks guys! If anyone else is interested in contributing, please drop me a line. I’m also hoping to work on the underlying structure/focus of the site such that we can appeal to larger audiences with a newspaper like offering at some point. Given that Chilliwack has 75,000 people, I think it’s an amazing use-case for blogging and citizen journalism in general.

Make sure you follow Alexander and Tia on Twitter, as I’m sure they’ll be turning heads in the local blog scene shortly. 🙂