Last modified on September 9th, 2009

The tendency for a body at rest to stay at rest, and for a body in motion to stay in motion.

Two important states, to be sure. For me, I find myself bouncing between those two states from time to time, often as a result of some cycle I’m trying to break. Most of the time, that cycle for me starts with lack of sleep, and progresses into this weird state of limbo where I’m constantly feeling unhealthy. The last time I felt I totally got away from it was back in May, back when I was going to the gym routinely and eating meals at home the majority of the time.

I’m close to getting back there, but lately I’ve had a pretty hard time getting a good night’s rest. Last night I felt pretty bagged at around 9pm, so I crawled into bed. At around 2am I was still staring at my alarm clock wondering when I was going to fall asleep. Of course, when 7am rolled around, I didn’t make it to the gym, mainly because I still felt exhausted. That lack of sleep translates into an extra cup or coffee or two during the day, which often makes sleep a bit harder at night. I laid off the caffeine this morning, and I’m going to force myself to go to the gym later, so I’m hoping the combination of the two will mean I’m worn out enough to finally get a proper sleep.

One thing I’m glad I did was to give my pass away to the CCMA awards this weekend. It’s raining pretty hard out here in Chilliwack, and I really want nothing more than to spend the weekend at home. The following weekend I’ll be down in Portland for WordCamp Portland, and while I’m looking forward to the event, I will also be happy when I’m on the other side of and back home, mainly because I’ll finally be back into my normal routine again. The weekend after that my friend Dale is in town for a visit, so that should be a good time. In fact, my brother-in-law swung by today and helped me clean my spare room a bit, and hopefully on Friday he’ll be helping me set up bed in there. I’m actually excited about that, because it’ll be the first time in my adult life that I have a full second bedroom available for friends.

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  1. Lynn C says:

    I have trouble with this too and sleep (or lack thereof) is always the trigger.

    I started taking a magnesium supplement that helped with that. I take it every few days, a couple hours before bed. I have a friend with an MS in nutrition who recommended it and it works pretty well. Also helps to curb chocolate cravings.

    You have to make sure you don’t overdo it though, or your tum will bear the consequences.

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