It's Hotter than a %#%%# in Here

Last modified on June 3rd, 2007

Jesus.. My apartment wasn’t made to survive the summer.. It’s currently 26C inside, and I’m sweating to death despite having all my windows and patio door open.

I made the big mistake on Friday night of heading down to Bryght for a little party, and ending up drinking myself into a coma. I didn’t wake up until around 3pm the next day, which is surprising considering how hot it was inside.. I guess all one can really do in this heat is crack a few beers, kick your feet up, blare some music and take it all in stride..

Last night at around midnight, while in the middle of watching a pretty cool movie, the power went off in the building. As the last of the gadgets in my living room stopped beeping and whirring, I suddenly remembered a memo I received under my door a few days prior about a scheduled power outage this weekend. Oops.

I spent the next hour or so frantically trying to hack WEP keys for other wireless connections in buildings nearby, but was unsuccessful. I even tried to get my cell phone working with my Mac so I could use the EVDO to do a few things on the internet, but that was a complete bust too. So, I lit a few candles, played in Garageband, and just took it easy until the LCD on my laptop eventually flickered out and died, the battery finally drained.

Today I gathered up John and Rebecca and headed down to Ikea in Richmond for some shopping. It was a fun trip, even though I didn’t buy too many things. Some asshole honked at me in a situation where he shouldn’t really have, so I spent the rest of the trip honking at everyone else in retaliation. While at Ikea, I demonstrated my genetic Cow-Tipping ability on something that closely resembled a cow. As I told them, you really need to put your legs and back into the cow-tip, or it doesn’t work.

Photo by miss604

Afterwards, I showed everyone in Home Depot just how you’re supposed to ride a tractor or a lawnmower. The trick is to pucker your lips and make tractor sounds while you drive it.

Photo by miss604

A fun day, and I still have seven hours of it left. I’m going to finish a few Heineken’s here, then show everyone on a patio somewhere just how Chilliwack boys drink beer in the sunshine.

Maybe I’ll even run into some cute beer-drinking, tractor sound-making cow-girl who wants to hop on my tractor and ride with me, past the tipped-cow, into the sunset.

7 responses to “It's Hotter than a %#%%# in Here”

  1. And there was me thinking that Cow-Tipping only existed on this side of the Atlantic!!

  2. Brennen says:

    dude go buy one of those small in the window air conditioners. you can get a 6000 btu for like $129 at Best Buy. Will cool 500 sq ft. Sit right in front of it. Should do a good enough job during the day.

  3. Ianiv says:

    Our apartment in Kits used to be around 33C during the summer. It was cooler outside most of the time.

  4. Clay says:

    I loves my portable air conditioner…a thing i once vowed to never own…but damn…it’s sweet. My apartment has something funky with the heater where it will occasionally just go even tho the thermostat is set to off. I suspect mine is somehow connected to another tenant’s thermostat, and that that tenant is 300 years old and very susceptible to cold. Regardless, I got myself the air conditioner and now life is good.

  5. Duane Storey says:

    Clay – open your breaker panel and flip the switch for your heater. I doubt you’ll use it in the summer, and that should solve your problem.

  6. Clay says:

    Heh you’re assuming i didn’t already go down that road…I did…i’m not sure what’s up with it but it’s not on my apartment’s circuit.

  7. Beth says:

    Happy now that it’s cooled down?

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