Jennifer Aniston in Vancouver

Last modified on January 17th, 2008

I’m pretty much the least star-struck person I know. I met the Barenaked Ladies a long time ago, ran into David Duchovny at UBC during the X-Files, and last year ended up sitting beside Aaron Eckhart at the Vancouver Airport bar for a while.

So when I heard that Jennifer Aniston was filming a block from where I work, I didn’t really think anything of it. On my way home tonight as I was passing the Hyatt on Burrard Street I decided to stop for a sec and see if I could watch anything being filmed or check out the lighting and stuff. Right when I was about to keep moving I heard a voice nearby which sounded distinctively like Rachel from “Friends.”

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Sure enough, standing literally right beside me was Jennifer Aniston, who was basically just trying to keep herself warm between scenes. What sort of surprised me is the complete lack of security and stuff — I guess I sort of assumed there would be body guards and people of that nature, but nobody seemed to care that I was like two feet from Jennifer basically watching everything.

She walked past me and did a scene with Aaron Eckhart right in front of me, and then came back to where she was standing. I didn’t really have any excuse to say anything, and didn’t want to seem dumb, so I just stood there looking dumb instead. I hung out about ten minutes and realized I was bored watching Aaron and Jennifer act out a scene I couldn’t really hear, so I left.

She was definitely really pretty, although far more petite than I thought she was based on seeing her on TV. In person she looks about 5’3″ and 100 lbs — really tiny. Anyways, it was sort of cool to see it all unfold, partly because I used to like Friends, and of course because she’s totally cute.