Know thy enemy

Last modified on September 7th, 2006

Lately at work I’ve been doing some developing on the macintosh platform. At first I was pretty excited about this, because I really don’t have much experience developing anything on a mac (and macs seems to be the “cool” thing now). But now that I’ve done a week of development on the little mac mini beside me, I can honestly say that development on a mac mini is just a bad idea. These things might be able to play music in iTunes, but they really aren’t meant to do anything as hardcore as compiling code. Maybe I’m a bit biased since I’ve used windows all my life, but even navigating the mac is frustrating for me. For example, I installed subversion on the mac mini. As soon as the installer was done, I was left looking at the desktop. “Ok, now what” I thought to myself. I couldn’t find the end result of the installation anywhere. In terms of development documentation, apple definitely lags behind Microsoft: compare with Microsoft’s MSDN and you’ll see the difference.
So while the MacMini is cute, it’s really not a work horse. Maybe someday I’ll switch to Mac, but right now I just find it too confusing.

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  1. Clay says:

    LOL that was a hilarious video. Has the Troll seen this?

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