Last Week Of Work

Last modified on January 12th, 2009

Just waiting for a shirt to dry, and then I’m heading into the office for my last week of work. Hard to believe it’s coming up so soon to be honest. I have a few meetings this week where I’ll finalize the hand off on a few of my projects, and then I’m done.

On Wednesday night (two days!) I’ll be heading out to Chilliwack and getting the keys for my new place. I haven’t even really thought that far ahead yet, but somehow I’ll end up out there and my car will stay there going forward. I haven’t even really begun to pack yet, so this will be interesting. I’d like to take my laptop in to be fixed, but I can’t really do without it currently, and they said they’d need it for a few days. Also, I plan to load my car up with electronics prior to driving out on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll have all my valuables out there (which reminds me — I should probably transfer for contents insurance over). I’m also taking my car into work today and loading up five years worth of junk I’ve accumulated there.

Down to the wire. That’s how I roll.

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