I spent yesterday mostly sitting around and watching movies, which was a nice change from the norm. I also started work on a new BuddyPress Chat plugin that will allow user-user chatting, similar to Facebook style. When I was down in San Francisco at WordCamp, I told Andy Peatling that I really wanted to contribute something to BuddyPress if I could, so I thought a chat feature might be a cool feature.

I still have a ways to go, but I have the code which takes a user from “Offline” to “Online” chat status working now. Next step will be to display a list of Online friends, and then obviously open up a small chat window to allow chatting with them. As you can see, I’ve also planned out a History section, so you can see your past conversations. I’ve also debated how to do group chats, which I think would be awesome in enterprise environments.


I’m hoping to have it done in a few weeks so that it’ll be ready when BuddyPress launches. I still have a bit of a learning curve to go with regards to the BuddyPress infrastructure, but I’m making progress by reverse engineering code.

In terms of today, I really don’t have many plans. I’ll probably clean up a few things in the web department, then walk down to Chapters and spend some time browsing around. I’m heading to Hamilton/Toronto on Thursday for the long weekend, so I have to start getting stuff together for that trip as well.

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