Let's get this party started

Last modified on August 7th, 2007

Ok, I’m gonna turn over a new blogging leaf. I’m gonna be fun. I’m gonna be happy. And most importantly, I’m gonna be frickin exciting. That’s right sports fans. Let’s turn down the suck knob a bit, put up a few disco balls, and get this party going.

Now maybe that’s the caffeine talking, or maybe it’s some weird chemical reaction taking place in my brain (due to the lack of carbs in my diet of late), but it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything, and I’m in a good mood.

Part of that reason is that we finally completed a pretty big milestone at work today. It’s been a few weeks now of late nights and the stress associated with a big looming deadline, but thankfully it’s behind now and (cross your fingers) maybe I can even enjoy what’s left of the summer a bit more. I worked on Monday for quite a bit, so I’m probably gonna jet out of work early on Friday and get the hell out of town. Thing is, I have a nice car, and I pay quite a bit of money each month to watch that sucker depreciate in my garage. So this weekend, I think I’m gonna shine ‘er up a bit, crank the music and see just where in the hell I end up.

Wherever it is, I sure hope it has plenty of meat and booze, since those two items are pretty much the staple of my current diet. That and a few multivitamins. Speaking of booze, my dad gave me two bottles of rum on the weekend, and I have one here. I also have some vodka, and somewhere on the order of around 40 bottles of wine on the floor. Can anyone, other than me, say the word party?

Maybe that’s the point of this entry — maybe I should throw a kick ass, end-of-summer-you-know-you-worked-way-too-much-and-wasted-it-you-idiot party, complete with a big roasted cow, a dancing hula girl and a bathtub full of booze? Any takers?

Photo of the rarely seen “Disco Duane” by Hesty P-something