Live from Oulu, it's Wednesday morning…

Last modified on March 20th, 2007

So my body decided that it would take a brief unscheduled break from sleeping at around 2am this morning.. I decided in that time I would throw a few photos up from yesterday (I don’t have that many). Oulu is pretty quaint so far, and I’m actually really eager to walk around and see some things (since the architecture looks really cool from my hotel window). I have to be on-site around 9 this morning (which means I need to get back to sleep), but afterwards I think my hosts are all taking me for dinner. For the most part, my digital SLR has been in my backpack most of the time. I took a few shots with it in Helsinki, but my little powershot has had more use on this trip.

I should be able to post some photos from dinner later, and maybe a walk around. I was thinking today that this is the furthest I’ve ever been from Vancouver. No matter what, I have 13 hours of flying ahead of me to get back to BC, which equates to somewhere around 11,000-13,000 kms of ground coverage. Not bad (actually, in the 747 on the way over here, we had a pretty strong tail wind, and we were doing around 1100km/hr ground speed — pretty quick).

Sorry this blog entry sucks.. But it’s 2:51am and I’m still a bit groggy. Maybe I’ll come back and unsuck it a bit later..

2 responses to “Live from Oulu, it's Wednesday morning…”

  1. Kasia says:

    “Unsuck it”?!?! I LOVE that.

  2. Dori says:

    Hey Duane- I’m so jealous that you to get to travel like you do- who would have imagined Oulu, Finland? That has got to be pretty high on the “bizzare places to visit on this planet” list. Good luck with the jet lag, hope it sorts itself out soon.

    I sent an email off to my old friend in Helsinki with your contact information, so maybe you’ll get to meet up with him in the big city before you head out.

    take care!

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