Lost: Final Predictions

Last modified on May 18th, 2010

Well, this is it. We’re down to only one episode left. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then don’t read any further.

First, I’ll honestly say that this season has been a pretty big letdown. I mean, we spent five seasons getting to know these characters, learning about the Dharma Initiative, and also the others. Pretty much all of that has been irrelevant in the context of season 6.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I think will happen in the final episode. The key to the whole mexican standoff that’s undoubtedly going to occur in the season finale will be Desmond I’m pretty sure. Given how he’s somehow outside of the rules, I’m going to speculate that he’s the only person who can somehow kill the smoke monster.

I’m going out on a limb here to say that I think pretty much everyone else on the Island is going to die. It’s next to impossible to wrap up Kate and James and Hurley unless they all get killed off in some final battle. In the end, I suspect Jack will be left all alone to guard the Island himself, much the same way Jacob and the smoke monster were marooned there. Maybe you’ll see a closing shot of Jack bringing some other people to the Island sometime in the future at the end. It could be that the smoke monster will live and we’ll see one of the closing shots of Jack and Locke playing the game on the beach.

A lot of people seem to think they are going to collapse the two timelines. I don’t think they will. I think it’s more likely they are going to contrast what happens in the current timeline with everyone being together and relatively happy in the other timeline at Jack’s son’s performance.

I also think we’re going to see the redemption of Benjamin Linus in the finale. He’ll be called upon to kill people, but in the end he’ll sacrifice himself for the Island or to save some of the Losties. I could be wrong, but I think it would be fitting to redeem Ben.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. What do you think?