Lost: Season Finale

Last modified on May 23rd, 2010

If you haven’t seen the finale, then don’t read this. Obviously there are a lot of spoilers below.

I gotta say, I really liked the finale. I wasn’t a fan of this entire season, but the finale sort of made the journey worthwhile. First, I’m glad a few of my predictions came true, namely with regards to Desmond being involved in helping save the island, the redemption of Ben Linus to some extent, the duality of Locke dying in the island timeline and Locke’s legs being fixed in the sideways timeline.

A few people seem disappointed with the ending. I for one loved the focus on each of the characters during the finale, starting with the flashes between the two timelines at the beginning, and ending with everyone together. A lot of people seem confused with the final ending. I think that’s the point in some ways. Is it heaven? Maybe. Is everyone there dead? Maybe. I think Christian summed it up quite nicely — you are all here because you all meant something to each other, and found a way to basically all be together again.

I love the shot of Jack at the end, lying between the bamboo, waiting for the last little bit of life to seep out of him, and looking up, seeing the plane taking everyone off the island. Jack saved everyone again.

The whole point of the series was that all the characters were lost to some extend. Some, like Ben and Jack, found some redemption at the end. But ultimately, they all ended up together, in whatever place that was, and were, for a few brief moments, all happy.

If you’ve seen it, drop a comment while it’s fresh.