Made It

Last modified on November 19th, 2009

Wow, I gotta say, flying at 1am is a massive downer. Not only is the airport totally depressing at that time, but it’s near impossible falling asleep on a big plane like that full of crying babies and what not. The stop in Calgary ended up being over two hours, which kind of sucked. I tried sleeping off and on, but I wasn’t very successful.

But anyways, I’m here, and it’s hot! I haven’t found any wireless yet, so I actually paid for internet service in their little internet cafe here. So I don’t have access to my mail right now (if you’ve mailed me something, I probably won’t get it until I figure out the internet).

But anyways, just wanted to let people know I’m here. I’m probably gonna go have a quick nap and catch up on some sleep, but will probably find somewhere to have a beer later.