Made It

Last modified on December 28th, 2007

In Toronto and in the hotel. Fuckers gave me a king sized bed when I asked specifically for two doubles or whatever. Still an ongoing battle there. I changed my seat around prior to the flight so that hopefully nobody was going to be sitting next to me. Thankfully that plan came together and I had the whole row to myself. About 2 seconds after lifting up I made a make-shift bed out of all three seats and someone managed to sleep for most of the flight.

Just waiting for Raymi to come pick me up from the hotel and the adventure will begin.

3 responses to “Made It”

  1. Gledwood says:

    Hey whatever happened to The Customer Is King and The Customer is Always Right? You wanna reprimand the concierge or change hotel!

  2. Cristina says:

    Since I wish I was where you are right now (or very close to it…Hamilton), have enough fun for me too. I will be working.. go me!!! 🙂 Have fun on the rest of vacation!!

  3. love you! thank you for putting up with me last night. tomorrow will be less drunktarded..but still drunk…just less of the ‘tarded’ part.


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