Matthew Good Ups The Ante For Blogathon

Last modified on July 27th, 2008

As most of you know, yesterday I was hunched over my computer pouring over the content for what turned out to be 49 blog entries in support of Blogathon. Thanks to a all the readers of this site and Rebecca’s site, and a generous donation of a personally autographed CD from Matthew Good, we raised around $1500 for the Union Gospel Mission yesterday. That money will ultimately go towards helping the homeless in Vancouver.

Late last night, over on Rebecca’s “M” blog posting, Matthew Good decided to up the ante a bit. In addition to the autographed CD that some people signed up for on my 37th post yesterday, Matthew is also going to offer a private listening session to hear the demo recordings for his new album, tentatively titled Vancouver.

Matthew Good In The Studio

Matthew Good’s last album, Hospital Music, opened at #1 in Canada and also climbed the US alternative charts to #7 in the United States. Matthew has been on three tours since then, and just made it back to Vancouver a few weeks ago. Since then, he has been putting the finishing touches on the demo tracks for his new album at home.

This is a pretty amazing opportunity Matthew is offering, as the winner will not only get to meet Matthew Good, but will also be one of the first individuals ever to hear the demo recordings before they are recorded in the studio and ultimately released to the public.

The bidding is in the form of an auction over on Rebecca’s blog, with the minimum bid starting at $200. The proceeds for the event will go towards the Union Gospel Mission, and ultimately provide assistance to those in Vancouver who need it most.

Head on over to Rebecca’s site to place your bid.