Matthew Good's "Vancouver" Streaming Live

Last modified on September 5th, 2009

Matthew Good is streaming his newest album, “Vancouver”, live from his website for the next 30 days. Unlike his last album, Hospital Music, where I only got to see the process at the very end, I was fortunate enough to see the creation of this album from basically demos all the way up to the point where I got to hang out with Matt down in the studio one night while it was being recorded. I’ve had the album spinning on my iPod for about a month now, so it’s great to finally have it unleashed upon the world.

Without a doubt, I think it’s an amazing album. While I like the album in its entirety, my three favourite songs are probably The Boy Who Could Explode, Empty’s Theme Park and Silent Army in the Trees, the latter of which I’ve heard Matt play live in various incarnations over the last few years.

So, head on over and check it out on Matt’s site and drop a comment, or follow Matt on Twitter. The album will be coming out on October 6th, and will also be released on a limited edition vinyl. Congrats on another awesome album Matt.