Media Burner Beta

Last modified on February 21st, 2008

As you can see, I’ve been trying to push out some of these plugins that have been on my plate for a while. The Media Burner one is now officially in beta.

Media burner automatically extracts media files (MP3, FLV, YouTube, etc) from your blog posts and creates a site-wide player.

An example in action

If you want to test it out, click on “Media” in the menu bar up top of this site, click here to test it. Head on over to the main page listed below for more information or if you want to download it.

The standard WordPress plugin database just fell over, so I have no way to tell the world about this. So if you check the plugin out and like it, please forward the link around or do a blog post about it.

Head on over to the Media Burner Plugin page for more information. I will probably be moving some of these plugins to a centralized location in the near future, but I want to beta a few of these to get the bugs out before then.

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