Last modified on August 10th, 2006

When I was driving back from the Rocky Mountains, I was thinking about where I would go for my next trip. New York was awesome, and so was Banff and Lake Louise, but I spent so much time travelling that it wasn’t really very relaxing (still very rewarding, but they are different things). So, I decided my next vacation should probably involve less travelling, and more relaxing.

Thankfully, my roommate and friend from first year university, Robert May, is getting married in November in Mexico. So, tomorrow I’m going to put my deposit down, and commit myself to a week of fun in the sun in late November/early December.

Bob and Candice have chosen the Gala Resort in Huatulco, Mexico, right along the southern edge of the country, for the location of their wedding. The resort is a beautiful 4.5 star, all inclusive hotel right on the beach. What’s nice about this area is that it hasn’t been over developed yet, so it’s a popular destination for eco-tourists, or those people hoping to catch some of the natural beauty of Mexico.

Unfortunately, it’s times like this that being a single guy sucks, since I have to pay more $$$ to get a single occupancy room. So right now I’m looking at around $2000 for a week in the sun. I think it’s going to be a great time, and it will be awesome to meet up with some of my best friends from the university days. Sometimes it’s weird to think that I don’t really talk to these guys much anymore, even though we spent four or five years of seeing each other every day, drinking together, studying together, and just hanging out in front of the TV together back at UBC. Thankfully, we’ve managed to see each other from time to time over the years (mostly at weddings), and it’s nice to pick up where we left off, usually by resuming the drunken debachery of our youth (seeing Ray drunk in Saskatoon a few years ago is a nice vivid memory).

I’m actually excited about this, since I’ve never been to Mexico before, and I haven’t seen some of these guys in a few years. It’s funny thinking of the first couple days together at UBC, when we were all punks with hardly any money. Most of us hadn’t really spent much time away from home, and there we were, all converged in a dorm at UBC, forced to spend a few years together.? And over the years, we’d all grow together, watch each other stumble through a few relationships, fall down the stairs at a few bars, fail a few tests..? And at the end of it all, out of our Motley Crue there are a few lawyers, engineers, doctors, physicists, accountants and project managers.? Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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