Molson Brew 2.0 Event In Vancouver

Last modified on September 18th, 2008

Molson Brew 2.0On Tuesday night I had the privilege of attending a private party at the Molson brewery put on by Molson. Molson decided to have a little get together with some of the local social media individuals and bloggers, and while pounding back a few beers. The event was called Brew 2.0, and it took place down on Burrard Street at the big brewery.

I’ve actually never been inside a brewery before, and it was a really cool experience. It’s amazing how many beers Canadians are consuming every minute, something you get a sense of as the machines pump out cans of Rickard’s Red and Molson Canadian.

I met a lot of great people during the event, including Geoff Molson (the great-great-great-great grandson of the inventor of Molson Canadian) and Gord Rickards, the talent behind Rickard’s Red. I also got to finally meet Meghan, Andy and Tonia, who, coincidentally, all look like their Twitter photos, something I pointed out after a few drinks.

Molson Brew 2.0

All in all it was a great event, and I’m happy that more and more large corporations are embracing bloggers and social media experts in addition to traditional media individuals. Plus, sitting around and having beer with a bunch of good natured people is always a ton of fun.

Molson also couriered everyone a twelve pack of Rickard’s the day after the event, along with a thank-you card. Thankfully I now know that beer shouldn’t be put sideways in the fridge, so sometime this weekend I’ll crack a few beers and remember all the great people I met on Tuesday, all the while earning a nice hangover.