More Theme Changes

Last modified on March 3rd, 2008

Well, it was an interesting day in the blogosphere, one that I’m thankful is over. Tonight I was sitting at home debating drinking myself into a coma when Rebecca pinged me online and said I should come over for wine. I was pretty comfy in my flannel pants and briefly debated staying at home. But since I really needed a few drinks, I decided to head over as I was, flannel pants and all. So for the last few hours I’ve been sitting on Rebecca and John’s couch in my flannel pants with a big-ass afghan draped over me. It was pretty much exactly what I needed tonight (although I’m looking forward to a nice long shower when I get back home).

If you poke around the site a bit more, you’ll see a few more changes I hacked out tonight. The recent comments are back, although I’ve scaled them down a bit so they look less repulsive. I changed the RSS feed around at the top (go ahead and click it, it’s fun) to finally add a feed for my comments. I also completely re-themed the comments sections, and I think they look pretty slick now. Maybe a few more changes to go, but I’m fairly happy with it right now. This might be the first theme I eventually release when it’s all done.

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