My Moo Has Arrived

Last modified on March 7th, 2008

Yes, they are here — my Moo cards finally arrived in the mail today. I officially ordered them exactly one month ago, so it took a full four weeks to get here. Looking at the packaging, it looks like they went from London, UK to Germany, and then finally over here to Canada.

Considering that they state they all shipping is done with First Class airmail, I’m pretty surprised that it not only takes this long to get here, but also that there isn’t some sort of tracking number. In fact, there are no markings on the packaging at all to indicate when it finally did ship from London, which seems a bit odd to me.

Clearly the shipping route from Moo in London to Vancouver involves a few carrier pigeons, a donkey, and some guy attempting to swim across the atlantic. I haven’t opened them up yet, because really, I wanted them for Northern Voice which was several weeks ago.

Unless I look about 30 pounds lighter in my cards (assuming I have a photo of me on one), I’m not sure I’d order from those guys again. Rebecca had some interesting things to say about her cards as well.

** inside the package is a voucher to receive 10% off my next order. only catch is it expired a week ago