My Night At The Urban Fare

Last modified on August 21st, 2007

Tonight I went down to the Urban Fare in Yaletown to get a few BBQable items. I figured the trip itself would probably only take 30 minutes or so, since I knew exactly what I was going to pick up. As soon as I put my car into the parkade, I reached into my pocket to pull out my wallet, only to realize it wasn’t there. Since I’m less that 48 hours away from getting on a plane, the thought of not having access to any of my bank cards or visa was a bit scary at that moment.

I rushed back to my apartment, searched a few places outside that I thought it might be at, but couldn’t find it. Thankfully once I got upstairs and tore my couch apart, I found it hiding between a few cushions. With that initial scare out of the way, I hopped in the car and made the journey back to he Urban Fare.

I skipped dinner entirely since I was in a hurry to get a bunch of stuff done, so I was pretty excited to finally eat when I got home. Unfortunately, as I unpacked all my groceries, it became apparent that there was a bunch of stuff missing that I knew I had bought. Sure enough, all the items were on my receipt. I went down to my car and check it out, thinking maybe a few items fell out. No go.

I came back upstairs and placed a call to the Urban Fare. Sure enough, the girl at the checkout had forgotten to give me one of my bags. No problem, I’ll just swing by, again and get it. Only wrench in the gear was that they had just unloaded it, figuring no one would come back for it. So I had to park my car again, go inside, and proceed to reshop for some of the items I had tried to get an hour before.

The whole process took over two hours, which sucks because I still have a pile of cleaning to do. I’m also frantically trying to get a week’s worth of laundry done so I’ll have a few things to wear in the Caribbean. Only a few days now. Next blog entry will probably be in the Air Canada Lounge at the Vancouver Airport on Thursday. See you all then.

4 responses to “My Night At The Urban Fare”

  1. bren says:

    never fails when you are in a rush. Murphy’s Law. Slow down or you’ll be buying everything on your trip… if you take your money

  2. Keira-Anne says:

    Sounds like a huge headache all for the sake of a few groceries! I’m sure it will be worth it though…

  3. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like you’re even more in need of a vacation after that string of events! What a headache! Hope that you have a fantastic time in the Caribbean! (I’m so envious! I’d give just about anything to be taking off on a beachy trip right now!)

  4. Beth says:

    Did you get any cheese at Urban Fare? They have the best selection of cheeses!

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