Need Input From Photographers

Last modified on July 13th, 2009

I was talking to a few people on the weekend about this current iteration for my theme, and it seems there’s enough interest that I might eventually set this up as a download, or add it to the WordPress theme repository. But, I’d like a bit more input from some photographers about features I can potentially add.

One thing I was thinking of incorporating was a stand-alone microstock service. For example, beside each photo there would be a “Buy” button that would take you to PayPal. Once you paid your $5 or whatever, you’d get an email with a large version of the photo and a license to use the photo. Still thinking about how that would work, but I think it would be a useful feature, and I’ve always wanted to write a plugin that interfaces with PayPal.

Some other things I’d like to integrate:

  • Somehow incorporate Flickr photo comments, which was the original reason I wrote Crossroads years ago
  • Have the ability to display Flickr sets in blog posts — basically, after I’m done a photoshoot, I want the Flickr set to tell the story instead of me having to manually write a big blog entry
  • Right now the title tags don’t really do anything on the single photo pages — I have to somehow come up with a way to inject information about the current photo into each page, without breaking popular plugins like the All In One SEO pack.
  • My main photography page is a bit too static for my liking. I’d like a section at the top that shows my recent photo activity, or something that changes fairly often to encourage people to browse through it

Anything else that would be awesome from a photographer’s point of view?