Nerd Camp With The Bollwitts

Last modified on April 12th, 2008

Video by Miss604:

We all have a pile of computer work to do this weekend, so we’re just sitting around messing with them. One of these days I’ll take my christmas tree down.

3 responses to “Nerd Camp With The Bollwitts”

  1. Dave says:

    Why do i have this sudden compulsion to put my stuff in Mini Storage…. what the heck is ‘mini’ storage anyway… I mean, I’ve really go nothing small that needs to be stored. One would think that they’re failing to capture a big part of the ‘got a big thing to store’ market.

  2. John says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make NerdCamp….if it’s any consolation, I did ‘play’ with Flickr video too today so I was there in spirit(s).

  3. I’m surprised at the quality of the video considering it was taken with the built in iSight in a laptop. What software did she use to capture the video – directly from iMovie?

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