New iPhone Case On The Way

Last modified on July 14th, 2008

The first order of business with my new iPhone is picking up a decent case to keep it from being scratched. I called around town, but unfortunately nobody has any stock for the 3G iPhone cases yet. So basically the only place left to buy one from was on Apple’s store.

I originally went over with the intent to buy one case. However, it appears that one case wasn’t enough to qualify me for free shipping. Since I like free stuff, I decided to buy a few more things. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d like the first case, I bought a second one with a different style. Worst case, I’m sure somebody will probably take it off my hands in the near future. In addition, I tacked on a new iPhone 3G dock for my stereo so I can listen to music.

The case I plan to use is called the iPhone 3G Agent 18 EcoShield.

iPhone 3G Eco-Shield

Here’s the blurb about it from the website:

EcoShield is made of a hard-plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles, even the package is made of recycled paper and easily recyclable plastic. And though the EcoShield is one of the thinnest cases around, it offers protection second to none. With interior pads to protect the iPhone 3G, this case is the perfect choice for life on the go. It also includes an Agent 18 dock adapter, so you can dock your iPhone in any Universal Docking device without taking it out of the case.

While the case looks cool, I was more impressed with the environmental considerations of the product.

The second is the Griffin Wave Case for the iPhone 3G. For this one, I picked white since I thought it would be a cool contrast against the black:

Griffin Wave Case

They probably won’t arrive for a few weeks, but I’m fairly certain I can hold out until then. Raul talked a bit more about the EcoShield in his latest post, so go check it out.

If you picked up an iPhone 3G and either have a case, or plan to get one, drop a comment here and let everyone know what you’re looking at.

13 responses to “New iPhone Case On The Way”

  1. Dale says:

    Slick cases… I’ll let you guinea pig them and let me know what’s working will ya?

  2. I picked up this case on eBay way back in October of last year – in anticipation of getting an iPhone must sooner than I actually did. It’s a belt clip type case so maybe not what you are looking for…

  3. Actually – it was this one – since the “3G” case didn’t exist back then… Funny that the 3G case is $10 cheaper.

  4. Austin Paul says:

    these cases look awesome, i was looking into the Incase 3G protective cover cases or the slider case. they should be shipping for awhile. I just wonder how well cases with a screen protector will work with the touch screen. i hope it is almost the same.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I have a post about cases from a few weeks ago – although I don’t think you’d want the pink one with the gold chain…

  6. Duane Storey says:

    The links on this page are specifically for iPhone 3G versions though, many of which are just coming out now. The old cases, I read, don’t always fit exactly right on the new models.

  7. John Biehler says:

    I’m still using my 1st gen case from DLO since the two phones are very similar in dimensions.

    I’m going to wait until there is a few more choices on the market before picking up another…the ones first out of the gate this time (as last time) were a little underwhelming.

  8. Not cases, but here are some good mounts for the 3G iPhone.

  9. Duane Storey says:

    Having it on your bike just seems like a bad idea to me.

  10. I agree. I was thinking for the car ones (windshield suction cup) for when the GPS driving directions applicatons start showing up. Or even just to use with the Google Maps app that is already on it.

  11. John Biehler says:

    I’ve got the Palm universal car mount kit…was $19 from Rogers awhile ago for my Treo. Fits the iPhone perfectly and is rock solid in the car even on the bumpiest roads/speedbumps. Don’t bother with the $3 knockoff ones on eBay and the like…they aren’t the same.

    You may be able to track down this Palm one for cheap in a clearance bin or online.

  12. Arieanna says:

    Let me know how the EcoShield is. I bout the Wave, in pink, but am not so jazzed by it. It doesn’t fit together as snugly as it should. It fits the phone, but the “wave” doesn’t connect seamlessly, and it annoys me more than it should.

  13. Tracy says:

    I went looking for a case yesterday, but came to the same problem, no one has any yet. So in the mean time I’m using the case my HTC phone came with and amazingly it fits. It’ll do for now. I may pop by Rogers and see what they have left (should have picked one up on Friday). I heard they had a hot pink one, that would also be a nice contrast with the black Duane! =)

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