Northern Voice Social, 2008

Last modified on February 21st, 2008

Tonight was the big Northern Voice social event down at the Waldorf Hotel in East Van. I was really looking forward to attending, and it didn’t disappoint in the least. I hardly ate at all beforehand, so the thought of roast pig keep me going most of the afternoon.

First of all, I have to say I was the luckiest guy in the house, having been fortunate enough to make an entrance with these two fine looking women:

Keira and RebeccaRebecca and Keira-Anne

Unfortunate Rebecca’s husband (and all around great dude) John couldn’t make it – he was missed, but will be leading a podcasting session tomorrow so make sure you check it out.

The meal was absolutely fantastic, consisting of Roasted Pork, Chicken and Salmon, plus salads and lots of other side dishes. Thankfully, I managed to stay away from carbs for the duration of the evening, which was something I was worried about giving into (man, did that pasta look GOOD). Afterwards I got into a bit of a frenzy trying to look for some coffee (even though I’ve been fairly liberal when it comes to caffeine, I really wanted one after dinner). I managed to locate one in the side room, and it was smooth sailing after that.

Northern Voice 2008 Social

What was interesting to me is that a few people came up to me and mentioned that they had heard of my legendary beer drinking ability. I was both shocked and humbled that my legend has somehow drifted past my own blog, and into other people’s hearts.

I came home a bit early to work on some ideas for Photocamp tomorrow. It will probably be in the early afternoon, so come check it out if you’re interested in photography. I’m bringing most of my camera equipment tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have a steady stream of photos as the day goes on.

Boris Mann

On one final note. Today (Friday) is my good pal Boris Mann’s birthday. Boris has been a good friend over the last year, and is an all around great guy. Happy Birthday bud — see you out tomorrow night. If you see Boris walking the halls, make sure you wish him a happy birthday.

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