Last modified on October 6th, 2006

I remember I was complaining a while ago that September was going to be a brutal month, and that I’d be glad when it was all over.. I hardly even realized we were into October until today (shows how little attention I pay to dates), but I guess that means I’m in the clear. This is a pretty relaxed month in terms of things going on for me (which is a nice change), but November more than makes up for it (a stag, a wedding reception, and a trip to Mexico are the highlights next month).

The climax of this month will undoubtedly be Halloween. There are some bets floating around work, and for sure some group of guys are going to have to wear dresses that day (which group remains to be seen, but rest assured, I’ll be taking some photos). In terms of my costume, I still don’t really have any good ones. Chris has a few wicked ideas, and I hope he does one of the crazier ones. I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on this weekend and figure something out before it’s too late. I’m pretty lame when it comes to costumes. Some of my past costume attempts, for better or worse were (in roughly chronological order):

  • Sylvester the Cat (this was a wicked full body suit my mom made me. The guys at school thought it would be fun to pull my tail off though)
  • A Witch (or is it a Warlock?)
  • A Hippie
  • Leaf Man (this was really weak — it involved me strapping leaves to myself)
  • A Clown ($10 at the dollar store baby)
  • A Vampire (oh man, the good times just keep on rollin)
  • A T-Bird (from the movie grease — we nearly won for best group costume in Ottawa)

I’m hoping to up the ante a bit this year and do something a little more creative.

(the pic is my nephew Derek from Halloween in Chilliwack two years ago)

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