Old Videos

Last modified on January 7th, 2007

Funny. I was organizing some old photos tonight and came across some videos from the last year. They’re all dated now, but I’ll put some of them up anyways.

I have to say that youtube completely bastardizes the video quality when you give it to them, but oh well.

So, I also seem to be slowly regaining a bit of sensation in my face. The entire left side of my cheek (including the lip, nose and gums on the left side of my face) has basically been numb since my surgery back in November. I think it’s slowly coming back. What’s weird that is that it’s a bit wonky — if I trace my finger along my left cheek, it actually feels like I’m touching my lower eyelid on that side, so I guess the nerves are a bit messed and my brain needs to figure it all out still.

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