I’m currently in Victoria, awaiting my ride back to Vancouver. I already checked my laptop as baggage so I’m writing a quick entry from my iPhone.

Today was a gorgeous day out here, and Jeff, Maya and I spent most of it outside. One of the things I decided today was that I want to join some sport or team this spring, even if it’s on a drop in basis. I kind of miss being outside or being involved in a competitive sport, partially due to the exercise, and partially for the social aspects. I used to be pretty good at badminton, so I might try to find a local badminton league to get into as a start. I also think I’m going to get a personal trainer at the gym for a few hours to help come up with something managable for me on an ongoing basis.

I still have about 20 minutes until I board, and will be on the ground in Vancouver at around 6:30pm. I’m
meeting my friend Mel for a quick drink and some food, and then will be heading back home to the Wack. I don’t really have any travel plans for the foreseeable future, so I imagine I’ll be pretty close to home for the next few weeks.

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