One More Week

Last modified on August 24th, 2011

At exactly this time in one week, I’ll most likely be heading down to Vancouver International Airport for my flight to Tokyo, Japan. That means I only have five or six more days to get everything sorted again before I take off – I’m starting to feel the pressure!

The most pressing issue is packing up my room and taking everything down to my storage locker. My brother in law is coming on Friday to help me move my bed back to Chilliwack, and I need to have everything sorted and boxed up by then. That means the next two nights are likely to be busy. But the bright side is that I should be mostly done in time to enjoy the weekend.

On Monday or Tuesday (I still haven’t decided yet), I’ll make my way to a hotel and have a little breather before I leave. Back in January my little breather turned into a full on pub crawl, something I’m going to be careful to avoid this time due to the crazy amount of travel I need to do to get to Ko Samui.

I fly out of Vancouver at 1pm next Wednesday, but I don’t arrive in Samui until almost 9am on Friday. So that’s nearly two days of travel. I personally find the best way to make it as enjoyable as possible is to get a good sleep the night before and to not get into too much debauchery.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m getting excited, and I haven’t really had much time to think about it. I’m looking forward to hitting Thailand, but I haven’t had too much time to dwell on it yet. And in truth, having left all my belongings in storage previously, this time around it doesn’t seem like a big deal to get on a plane again, knowing I can simply head back home whenever I feel like it.

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing the Thai beaches for the first time, and also sampling a really fresh, succulent plate of Pad Thai! I also am really looking forward to seeing New Zealand. I’ve been partially obsessed with visiting it since seeing Lord Of The Rings years ago. Everyone who has been there has raved about how friendly everyone was and how much they enjoyed it there. Despite my quest for a perpetual summer, I actually don’t really enjoy wearing shorts all the time and being too warm. So a New Zealand climate (at least in Auckland), where the high is around 20 – 22C a day seems really appealing to me, since it basically means jeans and a light shirt.

Waddles has been itching to do a post as well, so you’ll probably read some content from him shortly. But until then, I have a ton of packing to do!

4 responses to “One More Week”

  1. paul says:

    safe travels dude! we leave in a less a week for a couple months… and we have a show the day before we leave, so we haven’t even started to pack yet! crazy, but we’ll get ‘er done. looking forward to hanging some time in the not too distant future when we’re both in the same part of the country 🙂

  2. fotoeins says:

    Dude, looking forward to reading about your next stage of travels. I really like that we met just a few months ago in Buenos Aires before you went to Europe, and we spoke about our respective wishes to see different parts of the world. Now, with Vancouver summer almost done, you’re off to new adventures.

  3. Jonah Lewis says:

    Super jealous of your ability to work and travel. If I had that figured out, I’d pack up and leave. Been feeling the call of the road. Travelled a lot when I was younger. It’s not a life for everyone, but it can be lots of fun.

  4. Duane says:

    I think travel is a different experience when you’re not starving and constantly worried about where your next meal is going to come. Knowing that I can always whip out my credit card and get a hotel in a bind makes it easy to relax while bouncing around. That’s not to say I stay in high end hotels all the time – I’ve stayed in a a few hostels as well. But it’s nice to have the choice where to stay based on how I’m feeling at the time or how adventurous I am.

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