PhotoCamp 2008 At Northern Voice

Last modified on February 19th, 2008

Yes, it’s that time again — Northern Voice, Canada’s awesome personal blogging conference, is kicking off this weekend down at the University Of British Columbia. I’ll be attending the whole event, starting Thursday night at the social, and finishing sometime on Saturday.

PhotoCamp 2007

Friday is of course “MooseCamp”, an unconference where people come together and share ideas. I’ll be spearheading a discussion on WordPress plugins during one session, and will be giving a talk during PhotoCamp. PhotoCamp is organized and chaired by resident photo expert Kris Krug, and he has been organizing these sessions all over the place for a few years now. The topic of my 15 minutes of fame will be “Selling Your Photographs Online” and will basically talk about my experiences using SmugMug this past year.

I’ll be joined by Rachel Ashe (who is talking about promoting yourself as an artist/photographer), Fiona Garden (talking about photo editing and retouching), and finally, everyone’s favourite bike-riding ninja, Matt Trent (who will be discussing a pile of photographic geekery).

If you want some more information, head on over to the official PhotoCamp 2008 wiki. Make sure you check back here after the event — I’ll post whatever slides I do present plus some extra information on photography in general.

2 responses to “PhotoCamp 2008 At Northern Voice”

  1. gusgreeper says:

    awesome! im really looking forward to the plugin talk. because im useless with them!!! i NEED a session im happy you are doing one 🙂

    i can’t even use the new camera ‘good’ yet i think i’ll leave photo stuff until later this year or next year.

  2. Kasia says:

    Hey Duaner I forgot to tell you (but you probably figured it out) that I can’t make it to Northern Voice this year, going to Whistler. Take notes for me 😛

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