Last modified on August 13th, 2007

About two weeks ago, I was contacted my Puma in Montreal and asked if I was willing to do a quick photoshoot for them for a female Team Canada player here in Vancouver. Apparently a friend of mine gave them a link to my Flickr photos, and said if they needed a photographer to help out sometime, that they should contacted me.

Obviously, I was pretty flattered when they called me up, since up until now I have kept my photography completely informal and non-profit. But, with a $2000 Camera body that will need replacing within the year, and about $3500 worth of lenses, it really would be nice to make a few bucks on the side to help pay for some new gear. So, after passing a few emails back and forth, I eventually agreed that I would do it for them.

So on Friday I met Martina down at Trout Lake in Burnaby and shot about 100 shots in about an hour. I put all the shots on a webserver for them to access remotely, and got official feedback last night that they loved all the shots, so I would say the shoot was a success. I’ve been told that the only difference between a pro and an amateur photographer is that professionals can charge money for their work, so I’m not sure what that makes me now. I guess I’m going to take it a bit more seriously and maybe put together an official photo site of some of my stuff and gear it more to doing future work.

Thanks to everyone for all their support so far. This could be a pretty fun side job if I continue to get the odd job, and will hopefully allow me to get better equipment as time goes on.

7 responses to “Photoshoot”

  1. Kristy says:

    That is great news! Congratulations Duane!

  2. Hesty says:

    Yeah, you go dude. I’m green with envy now. 😉

  3. Keira-Anne says:

    Again, awesome photos. And aaaaall thanks to me and Becky. Don’t forget: Halloween 2007…girls in lingerie 😉

  4. Kasia says:

    I’m so glad it worked out – the photos look great. You’re famous!

  5. gusgreeper says:

    awesome duane congratulations! that is really great to hear 🙂

  6. Brennen Mackillican says:

    hey hurry and come to white rock for some shots of town and my family, before you go pro, i like the price.

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