Piece of shit phone…

Last modified on January 3rd, 2007

Well, on New Year’s eve, my Samsung A920 stopped working. Right around the stroke of midnight. Should I be worried?

Here’s the deal though. This is the *second* A920 I have owned in about 6 months. Granted, the first one breaking was completely my fault, but I’m pretty bummed that it’s dead now. I’ve had cell phones die before, and no matter the circumstances of how they die, the repair guys always come back and say “water damage — not fixing.” And here’s my take on it. We practically live in a rain forest in BC. Inside these phones is a little paper dot that changes colour when it gets wet, and that’s how the guys know that it’s been exposed to water. I can’t imagine that these things can not change colour when exposed to weeks of 100% humidity at a time, even if they are in your jacket pocket or whatever.

If they refuse to fix it, I’m just gonna reactivate my old crappy phone (that I still have), and save some money. Having a cell phone shouldn’t require bank loans to maintain.