Piggy Banks

Last modified on March 13th, 2007

I actually came home with the intention of writing two separate blog entries, but I’m so frickin tired that I’m only gonna be able to get this one out. This is a pretty crazy little time at work right now, and I’m on day two of a pretty hard two week push. Yesterday was a 12 hour day at work, and today was pretty close to 14. By Friday I’m definitely going to be ready for a few drinks (or maybe a long nap).

Anyways. I was chatting wtih my brother-in-law on MSN earlier today, and he let me know that their house was broken into in Chilliwack this morning. The guys made away with most of the expensive electronics: two laptops, some random computer stuff, and a playstation portable (PSP). I’m sure they took more electronics (since Andy is a gadget-whore like myself), but those were the big highlights that were mentioned.

And to be honest, even though that really sucks, I’ve seen and heard of that happening enough times in my life that it doesn’t really seem to affect me that much. I’ve had my car broken into, and so have most other people I know. Just a few weeks ago my friend Chris had his car all smashed in his own secure underground parkade. Thankfully I’ve never had my apartment broken into (although in university some guy walked into my quad and stole our VCR while I was studying in my room).

The part that really upset me about this story though wasn’t that they stole some laptops, but that they went into my eight year old niece’s room and emptied her Piggy Bank that she’s been putting money into for the last few years. And seriously, I doubt she had more than $50 in there, but I remember what it was like to be a kid, and that would just break my heart if that happened to me. So, you can be sure that the first thing Uncle Duane does next time he’s in town is to donate a big wad of change out of my own Piggy Bank to offset what was taken from her.

I just don’t understand some people sometimes.

9 responses to “Piggy Banks”

  1. Rosie says:

    That is horrible about the piggybank!!

  2. amber says:

    It’s a good thing you didn’t take all those coins to the Safeway yet. That’s really awful.

  3. Brennen says:

    hey d tell Andy and Amanda that sucks. This world ain’t coming to an end cause of global warming (sorry) but from a reversion to a cave man state. The best is, what are the police doing? Protecting the rights of the guy that falls through a skylight robbing a place and breaks his leg? Persecuting an innocent who beat the crap out of a guy who infiltrated the home where his child and wife sleeps? I tell you what, pass on to Andy that if he needs any ‘help’, I’m on call. I have a vice at home and two ball pin hammers. I will show what a reversion to cave man state really means. These are not people duane, these are animals and shall be treated as such.

  4. Tom says:

    Ditto to Brennan’s comment…

  5. Mike says:

    My parents were robbed in Chilliwack last September. Ironically all they made off with was electronics…laptop, digital camera and a few of my parents personal belongings. It was amazing how violated my brothers and i felt (more so than my parents for some reason)….picturing that piece of shit in the house i grew up in. Not sure if you have heard Pantera’s song “5 minutes alone” but thats all I would want with the guy. Later

  6. Jana says:

    “Violated” is the best word to describe it. Happened to me also, and I felt uncomfortable in my own house knowing some strangers were going through my stuff, my clothes, my everything that I worked so hard on. They even emptied my gym back so that they can carry the stuff away better! These people make me sick and also soooooo angry. And god, not stopping even over a piggy bank – they are not going to be as better off as worse off the girl is going to be. How low do they fall..?

  7. Brennen says:

    Listen all you commentators. We are the fools. We pay taxes, we work for our money. Why? So we can pay those taxes the government charges. Hell without the tax money what would pay for all the criminals in prison. they need to eat, work out, watch tv, play sports, play video games, study school classes, play golf, on and on. Why not steal what we want take from those that work hard for their children and life styles. How much is the Pickton trial costing? Does it matter? We can afford it, taxes are high. Best bet, sell dope. What’s going to happen when caught? Community service? If I ever had the chance I would love to have the guy that beat the crap out of the seniors helpless in their home. Give em to me, 15 minutes is all i would need. Tom, Mike, you’re invited, just 15 min of uninterupted time. i tell you I can turn myself into an animal, just one time shut down the sensor in my brain what is right and what is wrong. I will think of my baby girl and what i would do if I was held helpless. yes just 15 simple minutes. No threats just simple action. am i crazy? do those of you who read this think less of me? that i can sink to that base level and harm another to protect my family? Consider this, you are the only person that may some day stand in that situation, defending what you personally love. The police, they may never help you. What do you do?

  8. Mike says:

    That is so wierd that they emptied out your gym bags (Jana). They did the same to my parents. He hit 5 houses in my parents area alone and used the empty bags to carry the goods. He then peddled away on his fancy 10 speed according to neighbors. I smell a trend. Brennan, really no holds barred when defending people you care about. Probably serve less time though by just breaking a few bones:) but I do see your point.

  9. Jana says:

    Even the police themselves admitted that those guys are out – if caught in the first place of course – the next day. Something is fundamentally wrong with the laws.. .I am all for sticking to laws, and yeah, Betty Krawczyk defied them and thus deserved the punishment – if you look at from absolute perspective. But take a relatively, you see these frickin burglars and cheaters get away with so much more – then it stars to bother me! It’s just plain unfair.

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