Pressure Washing Hell

Last modified on April 1st, 2008

I live in this weird apartment complex with a bunch of dictators who seem to enjoy flexing their muscles and causing trouble every few weeks. The entire building is managed by some local company, and there’s a strata council which presumably some of the people in the building are part of. The thing is, our building isn’t very ship-shape: the elevators haven’t been working for nearly two years now, the security guards spend more time collecting bottles from the recycling area than they do securing the building, and there’s always someone giving you flack for something.

The one thing I hate are the notices that go up instructing everyone to rearrange their schedules on short-notice. The latest one is the requirement that I move my car next Monday so they can pressure wash the parkade. It’s one thing to ask people to move their car, and let them know they might get debris on it if they don’t, but this strata council will charge you $50 if you don’t move it. For what? Where is that money going?

I’m going to be out of town, so I either have to get my friends to move it for me, or I have to take my car to the airport and shell out $40-$50 in parking for the weekend (which is what I’m probably going to do). Even if I were to stay in town, I’d have to park it near work, which costs me around $20 for the day. It seems rather ridiculous that they can just impose random fees at will on people.

I almost wish I owned a place in the building so I could pop into a strata council meeting and unleash hell on the guys in charge. The fact that it’s been nearly two years of having one of our main elevators down (even the repair guys don’t come anymore since they hate working on it, it’s that old) is enough to get the council fired in my opinion, and a new one elected.

2 responses to “Pressure Washing Hell”

  1. bren says:

    have they fixed the door right beside the security Nazi? Place is a bit run down. could always park your car here free, maybe Jess or David could drive you to airport.

  2. Hesty says:

    I think you’re allowed to unleash hell on strata meeting as a renter too.

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