Clusterfuck in the O.R.

Last modified on April 25th, 2007

As most of you know, I have been waiting anxiously to have my surgery performed down at St. Paul’s. About two weeks ago, I had a meeting at the hospital with my surgeon (where I sat and waited for three hours just to sign a few forms) where we discussed the surgery date (which was supposed to be this week), and a few of the details. I called last Thursday to try and nail down an exact date, but they said they wouldn’t be able to give me one.

So today, I called down to the doctor’s office to find out what was going on. I was told that for some reason, nobody even submitted my name into the queue for surgery, so I’m been sitting around waiting for no reason. Somebody screwed up. Again.

The next obvious option is to put me on the list for next week, which isn’t that bad since I’ll be able to have surgery with my plastic surgeon (who is performing surgery in the OR next week). Sounds easy right? Nope. They want me to come back into the same clinic where I waited three hours last time and talk. About what? Who the fuck knows — nobody could tell me, but apparently it’s standard procedure, and standard is good right?

So while I realize it’s not the receptionist’s fault that all of this is unfolding the way it is, I let her know just how frustrating I find this, and how embarassing I think it is for the medical community. The problem is that there really is no accountability. Nobody can tell me who screwed up, and nobody wants to take responsibility for the screw up. Instead of finding a way to make it easier for me, they are quite content to solve the situation by having me take more time off work to talk about the same thing I talked about last time.

3 responses to “Clusterfuck in the O.R.”

  1. Brennen says:

    sorry d that’s the pits. don’t know what to say, just keep strong, one day it will all be behind you. Could be worse. I heard the meaning of life is to learn a lesson and take it with you when you go. maybe your lesson is dealing with frustration and having patience. you will be a good teacher when you are gone buddy, good teacher
    anyway, pick a night, i will cook dinner for ya. By i, I mean Jessica but that’s just details. Just a call away

  2. Jana says:

    Hey Duane, wishing you good luck getting through the ‘standard procedure’ unharmed and without losing it at one point. I tell you, your health-care-related stories are sort of an eyeopenere for me, as I personally never had the ‘pleasure’ to experience it. That is just a shame!
    Anyways, good luck and especially hope the surgery goes exceptionally well!

  3. Beth says:

    Dude, that sucks! I’ve been having issues with medical professionals of late… not anywhere near as bad as your experiences have been, but I can totally understand how frustrating and ridiculous this is!

    Also, props on the use of the word “clusterfuck” – this situation definitely warrants it!!

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