Quick Update From SFO

Last modified on June 19th, 2008

Last night we left Google at around 9pm and headed up to Palo Alto for a nice dinner. Derek and I both had flights this morning, so we thought we might as well move our hotel close to the airport. We grabbed a really cheap travelodge, which was one of the scariest hotels I’ve been in for a long time.

I somehow managed to misplace my laptop charger down at Google (more than likely, someone else accidentally grabbed it). That basically means I’m currently without a laptop and a cell phone. I’m hoping to get a SIM for my cell and hit an Apple store really quick to pick up a new charger. Hopefulluy that’ll put me back on the grid in relatively short order. This is actually the most technologically disconnected I’ve been in quite a long time.

My flight here in SFO is actually delayed, so I’m just killing time. They offered me an upgrade to first class for only $50, which I gladly accepted. Not only do I get a nice big seat on the plane and free drinks, but I also got to go into a priority security line which made the wait about 5 minutes instead of 90.

The good news is my arrival time is almost exactly the same as that of my sister’s and her kids, so I might get to run into my niece and nephew in LAX just as they get off their first plane ride.

I’m meeting up with Tony tonight down in LA tonight, so hopefully we’ll get into a bit of trouble.