Riots and Protests In Vancouver

Last modified on February 13th, 2010

This morning John Bollwitt and I were sitting on his couch watching TV and saw that there were a group of protesters heading towards Robson Street. Both him and I immediately grabbed our cameras and headed outside to see if we could see what was going on, and possibly grab a few photos.

The group involved was waving a green and black flag with a big “A” in the center, which apparently stands for anarchy. Several of the protesters were wearing masks, and the police were following behind closely, but not engaging any of the protesters.


At one point both John and I saw a group of protesters knock a pile of mailboxes and newspaper bins over and keep walking. There was a group of non-protesters following behind trying to fix some of the damage these people were doing along the way. At one point I saw a mother pushing a baby stroller stop and kick down a green newspaper bin, which was a rather sad spectacle.

Robson Riots

I’m in the process of uploading a pile of photos, including one of the individual who pushed that newspaper box down, so check back in a bit for an updated post.


7 responses to “Riots and Protests In Vancouver”

  1. David says:

    Yup, the cowards among us tend to wear masks, rather than finding a way to participate openly in protest.


  2. Joe says:

    Agreed. The protesters are doing a good job at making our visitors feel welcomed. There is a time and place for everything.

  3. Jay says:

    That last pic is my intersection. I had just left the Blenz there moments before this.

    I hear the masks were soaked in anti-tear gas material though and not for hiding identities.

  4. zach taylor says:

    In Ancient Greece, Olympians were given everything for free by the local townspeople.
    With all the negative things today, it is nice to see we are giving back

  5. Kevin says:

    Protesting what? I see no signs!

  6. Jordan Ogren says:

    It’s ironic how organized anarchists tend to be.

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