Score A Big Zero For Canadian Medical

Last modified on April 21st, 2008

Here comes another rant:

As most of you know, back in November I was in the hospital with pneumonia. While there, I picked up a hospital acquired infection known as c. diff. It’s unfortunately rather common these days mainly due to the lack of cleanliness in hospitals (and also due to the abuse of broad-spectrum anti-biotics in hospitals). But without a doubt, it’s a serious infection, and is responsible for many deaths. The superbug the media focuses on is MRSA, but in terms of fatalities, c. diff kills about twice as many people. Just last month it claimed the life of a mother who went to the UBC hospital to deliver twins.

I spent a few months battling it with my family doctor, and eventually he referred me to a specialist at St. Paul’s hospital. I went through a few runs of anti-biotics, and for the most part felt ok again. For the last few weeks though, I’ve been having a lot of upset stomach and some cramps, which reminds me of some of the things I went through before. So my family doctor said to go back and see the specialist again for a follow-up.

I called down today to St. Paul’s and asked if I could get in this week to see someone. Their response? “Sorry, nobody is around for at least a week who knows how to book appointments.” I was like, “are you serious?” So, they want me to call back later next week, and maybe someone will be back who knows how to use a pencil and paper.

Way to go Canadian medical.