Seattle Bound

Last modified on March 5th, 2008

Well, it’s official — John Bollwitt and I are heading south of the border Friday evening. We were just waiting to hear from John’s work about ducking out a bit early on Friday, and he got the ok. John’s booking tickets for the show, and I just grabbed a hotel near the space needle.

Photo By Chethan Shankar on Flickr

I haven’t been to Seattle in over a year, so it should be fun heading down for the evening. The concert is at the Tractor Tavern, which is about a 10-15 minute cab ride away from downtown. John’s wife Rebecca is hanging out with Keira that night, so John and I are going to take it easy, hit a pub or two, and catch a great show.

One of the things about living downtown is that it’s fairly noisy, even late at night. I thought it was rather ironic that one of the best sleeps I had last year (and the fact that I remember when I have good sleeps should be an indication of how rare they are) was down in Las Vegas, probably due to some major sound isolation in the hotel. I’m hoping the Seattle one is rather quiet as well, so I can sleep in and then maybe catch a nice salmon breakfast plate down by the Pike Street Market or something.

John has a hockey game to go to with Rebecca on Saturday night, and I have a birthday party to attend, so we’ll have to head back in the early afternoon. I’ll be putting in a few extra hours at work tomorrow so we can head out early on Friday.

Should be fun.